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Engagement Development Platform A Breakthrough Application Development Platform SUPERCHARGE BUSINESS APPLICATIONS BY INTEGRATING COMMUNICATIONS CAPABILITIES

Embedding communications into the application-supported processes your company uses every day makes it easier for employees to find and distribute information, prioritise work, and communicate both needs and decisions.

With Avaya Engagement Development Platform, integrate your existing or new applications with our unified communications technology and contact center capabilities including voice, video, text, and email. Bring rich communication capabilities into the social, mobile, and cloud applications that make your business run. This application development platform makes it easy -no detailed or specialised knowledge of communications or protocols is required.

For especially fast application development, work with our reusable, modular Snap-ins that let you connect, enable, or facilitate specific outcomes in your applications, and integrate new capabilities into business processes.

  • SupportImg 1. Single, Integrated Environment

    Develop unified communications and contact center applications based on your company's communication flows and employee needs, unrestricted by technology silos.

  • SupportImg 2. No Prerequisites

    Dive right into development - you don't need a technical background to create and enable speedy delivery of communication applications.

  • SupportImg 3. Full Integration with the Avaya Aura® Platform

    The Avaya Engagement Development Platform comes with the built-in reliability, security, and scalability you expect from an Avaya solution.

  • SupportImg Modular "Snap In" Development

    Applications can be developed by "snapping in" code from multiple developers, which reduces development time and cost. For example, a module with database look up capabilities can be combined with both an Avaya Engagement Development Platform application and a second module that has cloud integration. The result could be an invitation to a video conference triggered from a database event or a record that reaches the user through a cloud-based email account.

    Available Snap-ins include advancements for real-time speech analysis, work assignments for customer contacts, a big-data storehouse, and WebRTC click-to-call capabilities. In addition, a design tool enables drag-and-drop application creation.
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  • SupportImg Multi-Channel Communications and Collaboration

    Support voice, video, text, and email communications for complete multi-channel business collaboration. This helps ensure that the appropriate channel is selected based on business need, or that multiple channels can be enabled to ensure contact with busy or mobile employees.

  • SupportImg Powerful Architecture for Developer Extensibility

    Add powerful collaboration capabilities to existing applications without spending hours learning architectures, standards, and protocols. To create Snap-in services for any business challenge, use communication and contact center applications with multi-modal connectors in an open, flexible architecture. Get free access to sample source code, video training snapshots, and developer tools via the Avaya DevConnect Program.

  • SupportImg Maximise Your Avaya Investment

    Applications integration can be a major challenge for any development project, but because Avaya Engagement Development Platform is built on the Avaya Aura® Platform, you can create new value from your existing Avaya investments. Bring new life and value to the way your business communicates through customised applications that drive actionable productivity, customer engagement, and mobile access.

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