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Avaya Aura Experience Portal Customer Engagement with a Personal Touch GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS AN EXPERIENCE THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN

Every customer interaction holds the promise of making a positive impression. You can tip the balance in your favor by engaging with your customers when and where they want on the devices of their choice. When you have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customer interactions, a multichannel application platform can unify and orchestrate every action - and personalise it for each customer. You can engage with customers via mobile, voice, video, email, or SMS text, plus design and manage all the different interactions from a single platform. With Avaya Aura Experience Portal, your organisation can connect with customers in new ways and take advantage of all the popular mobile channels, including SMS text and mobile phones.

  • SupportImg 1. Give Customers the Freedom to Choose

    Customers prefer connecting with agents using their favorite channels and devices. Now you can let them. Give them the options to connect by phone, mobile, email and SMS services.

  • SupportImg 2. Personalise Your Customer Interactions

    Give your customers powerful, unique service experiences with multi-party conferencing, intelligent routing, and pre-identified customer preferences.

  • SupportImg 3. Upgrade Customer Experiences Without Upending Your Infrastructure

    Your infrastructure investment is safe. Let customers have the experiences they crave by adding a standards-based platform that integrates with your existing infrastructure.

  • SupportImg Automate Mobile, Email and SMS Services

    Create high-value inbound and outbound voice and multimedia services using existing web services and applications.

  • SupportImg Create Customised User Experiences

    Personalise wait treatments and deliver proactive alerts based on customer preferences.

  • SupportImg Lower Service and Operational Costs

    Manage all inbound and outbound mobile, web, and voice applications from a single platform. Reduce costs and simplify IT operations with robust management, reporting, and virtualisation capabilities.

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