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Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches

  • SupportImg Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series

    For small to midsize companies and branch offices, these Ethernet switches are easy to install, manage, and run. You can deploy them in open environments outside the wiring closet. Your switch connects to and powers end-user devices throughout the office. It comes with certified one-minute plug-and-play for IP phones, an intuitive management GUI, and automated set-up.
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  • SupportImg Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series

    These switches deliver high-performance, resilient Ethernet connectivity for wiring closet and network edge deployments. Featuring stacking technology with twice the virtual bandwidth of leading competitors, superior energy efficiency, and ease of operation, the Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 can address the most demanding converged edge requirements.
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  • SupportImg Ethernet Routing Switch 5600 Series

    Add the Ethernet Routing Switch 5600 in the data center, the network core, and in wiring closets. From any location, these switches deliver highly-available Ethernet connectivity for delay-sensitive and business-critical data and voice applications.
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  • SupportImg Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 Series

    Businesses need always-on networking solutions and high-density connectivity to the core of the network. Our Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 Series features hot-swappable modules, redundant fans, and power supplies—and delivers rock-solid network reliability and support for next-generation capabilities.
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