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Avaya Scopia® Desktop and Mobile Applications

Face-to-Face Collaboration in Your Mobile World and on Your Desktop


You know video conferencing lets you meet with colleagues, partners, and customers, regardless of locations. But now you can join any meeting easily from your desktop or mobile device. Now there's always the option of having a face-to-face meeting. Enable anyone -inside or outside your organization -to join your virtual meeting room with freely distributed Scopia® Desktop and Mobile Applications. Using any device, from any location, moderate or participate in a meeting, share content, discuss, and make decisions. Support the Bring Your Own Device movement with the ultimate standards-based enterprise-grade mobile HD video conferencing applications.Click on Demo Video to Play.

  • SupportImg 1. Rich User Experience Conduct meetings with award-winning full-featured video collaboration. With control, moderation, and administration capabilities, your team has fully interoperable personal video collaboration anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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    2. Simplicity Fuels Usage Close all the standalone applications windows on your screen, and open just your Avaya Communicator. All the modes of collaboration you need are together in one environment. A full unified communications suite integrates with multimedia messaging, audio and web conferencing, video rooms, desktop applications, and browsers.

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    3. Affordability -What Everyone Needs

    Skip complex licensing fees or installation hurdles when you use a freely distributed client. Achieve a low TCO and a significant ROI. Let us help you run the numbers.

  • SupportImg Virtual Meeting Rooms Deliver Real-life Communication Anyone in your organisation can own a virtual meeting room. The owner can invite anyone, anywhere, on any network, to participate in a video call -or just join via audio. These customisable, always available rooms support scheduled and ad-hoc conferencing from video conference room systems, desktops, and mobile apps.

  • SupportImg Video Conferencing Designed for All Locations Easy to use, one touch apps let you embrace BYOD without compromising the video experience. The Avaya Scopia® portfolio includes freely distributed video conferencing applications for desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, a dedicated HD video room system is offered as part of the solution.

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