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Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization A Deeper, More Meaningful Look at Customer Interactions TRANSFORM YOUR CUSTOMERS' EXPERIENCE WHILE USING YOUR RESOURCES MORE EFFECTIVELY

Leverage intelligent insights to operate more efficiently while delivering your customers an exceptional service experience. Unite all your workforce optimization requirements under one, integrated platform. Then, capture, share, and act on information from across your enterprise - especially your contact center and back-office - and use the data to make informed decisions faster. Processes that are cumbersome and cause dissatisfaction can be readily identified, modified, and addressed. Agents who are not getting the proper training or assisting customers appropriately can be identified and coached. Customer problems and issues can be quickly identified and resolved. All of which enables you to achieve your corporate objectives and deliver a superior customer experience.

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    1. Harness the Voice of Your Customer
    Securely capture, analyze, and store customer interactions to identify service excellence and areas of improvement, all while adhering to PCI compliance and regulatory requirements.
    2. Anticipate Contact Volumes
    Analyze historical data to forecast your future transaction volume and handle times. Automatically produce schedules to deploy the right agents with the appropriate skills at the right time.
    3. Enable Agents to be More Successful
    Improve your agents performance with automated coaching, e-learning, and scoreboard assessments to transfer knowledge and best practices.

    Record Customer Calls

    Capture your customer interactions, including voice and data interactions in SIP, IP, TDM, and mixed telephony environments, automatically or selectively. This lets you adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements, decrease the number of customer disputes, substantially improve your business efficiency, and identify areas for service improvement.

    Score Agent Performance

    Enable your supervisors to monitor complete interactions and evaluate agents on their performance in voice interactions, data entry, screen navigation, and data retrieval. In so doing, isolate performance shortfalls, obtain insight into customer expectations, and take steps to address these quickly and effectively.

    Identify Root Cause

    Glean valuable insight from customer calls, enabling you to collect competitive intelligence, discover cumbersome processes, and identify skills and training gaps.

    Enhance Your Customer Experience

    Automatically mine your customer interaction recordings to uncover trends and changes in customer requirements, business trends, and competitive advantages. Distill this intelligence to reduce costs, improve products and processes, and enhance the customer experience.

    Reduce Operational Costs

    Reduce your operational costs by helping to ensure that your contact centers are properly staffed with the skills necessary to meet service levels. Predict the workload of calls, emails, and chat sessions by modeling contact behavior for different types of events and circumstances, and study complex what-if scenarios. Quickly and easily produce schedules that maximize the efficiency of your contact center to help ensure you have the right staff to support your customer service operations.

    Create a Library of Best Practices

    Turn captured customer interactions into training, and deliver the guidance directly to your agents desktops. Create learning modules to address skill gaps, respond to changes in processes and regulations, and get your staff up to speed quickly.

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